They say that once you go around the world, you don’t feel at home any more at your previous place. The same happened to me in July 2004. I filled my backpack with clothes, grabbed a shovel and caught a train from Ljubljana to Zazid, where I bought a house previous year.

They also say that you relieve a great journey later in your life. It happened the same to me: When I worked with a shovel on the blender or when I was fugating infinitely long wall of rocks, I was with thoughts on the bike somewhere in the American deserts, where I first got the idea that I might open a hostel in the future.

Because it's impossible in Slovenia to get any european fund money if you dont know the right people, I sold an apartment that my father left me and started even more eagerly renovating. In 2007 the hostel was opened.

Bunch of stones in which no one believed came to life. Ideas transferred from faraway Australia and New Zealand became true and the Coastal region of Slovenia got the first private owned hostel. And it didn’t pass lots of time when the travelers found us. And because it’s so cute they are still coming back and they recommend us to their friends and so on.

In 2010, I met Tina. From the begining she was a girl that I could marry. When I got a plastic ring in the Kinder egg I immediately asked her to merry me. She accepted and the following year we got married right here in our yard and few months later our son Tomaž was born. Two years later we got a daughter Lucija.

Also the hostel expanded at the same time. Now there are two hostel units instead of one. And the second is even cuter, more in terms of a castle. Otherwise the photos say it all -even better is in reality. In winter, hostel is heated with fireplaces and in the evening the flame replaces TV.

We take care of our guests as they would be part of our own family. You are welcome to hostel Xaxid!


The village Zazid, which name was in the past Xaxid or Villa dei sassi (which means in Italian village made of stones) is situated under the natural stone border Kraški rob on the 387 m of altitude. It has 75 inhabitants. It is famous about the istrian-karst arhitecture.

In the middle of the village there is the church of St. Martin who was the guardian of the wine and the villagers kept the Celebration of St. Martin (a tour of the village with free food and drinks at each house).

The village represents a starting point for hiking tour on Lipnik (804 m of altitude), Golič, Kuk etc.

The view extends on Slovenian Istria, Gulf of Trieste and over Karst edge (a natural wheather border between mediterranean and continental climate).