Osp climbing area

At the beginning of Karst edge there is an old village Osp which is surrounded with by vertical and overhanging walls with excellent rock. The mild mediterranean climate and proximity of Adriatic sea makes it even more attractive to visit. All routes are perfectly well equipped. The climbing is possible through all year, only in summer time it's better to go climbing in the morning or evening because of the sunny side walls. And meanwhile you can take a swimm in the sea!

More information about the routes at Plezanje.net(Osp) in 8a.nu

Mišja peč

misja pec mp

Just 500 m away from Osp there is overhanging wall Mišja peč and it represents a big challenge to numerious top world climbers. The overhangs offer difficulties from 6b up. The routes require a lot of stamina and determination.

More information about the routes at Plezanje.net(Mišja Peč) and 8a.nu

Črni Kal

Črni Kal climbing area

On the limestone walls above the villaage Črni Kal there is located a modern climbing place with flat ground on the bottom of the craigs and a nice view. The grades of the craig are lower then in Osp, therefore this climbing area is more appropriate for beginners. In summer time there is possible to climb also during the day on the north side of Turški stolp.

More information about the routes at Plezanje.net(Črni Kal) and 8a.nu


Skok, J. (2012). Slovenija Climbing guide. Ljubljana: Sidarta.


Climbing in Osp, Buzet sleeping in Zazid!

Has become a constant parole from our climbing friends from all over the world for the  last 8 years of our existance. We are located in the village Zazid which is the best spot between Osp (Mišja peč) and Buzet climbing area in Croatia (it's the shortest way to Buzet through Zazid). If you don't  have a problem to drive 15 minutes by car then you can enjoy both climbing areas during your holidays in Istria. During these years we have develloped an accommodation specially for climbers from October till May that provides perfect atmosphere,  a comfort of an appartment and the price nearly as camp! After an active day at the walls our guest enjoy like kings when they arrive: stoney walls of hostel, fireplace, separate rooms, equipped kitchens, bedding, trip advices for rest days...you name it!