If you go by car, you go off the highway on the exit Črni Kal. Then you drive on the regional road and pass Črni Kal, then turn left on the first larger intersection towards Buzet. One kilometer forward you turn left again, there you pass small villages called Predloka, Loka, Bezovica, Podpeč and then you arrive to Zazid. In Zazid the direction to the hostel is marked.

The smaller bus goes from Koper (station in the center near bank Koper) to Zazid each labourday from 10:00, 13:20 (Š), 15:05 and at 19:25 in the evening. In the opposite direction the bus leaves at 5:45, 7:15 (Š), 11:05 and 14:25 (Š). During the weekend the bus doesn't go. During the summer school vacations the bus with the sign (Š) doesn't go.

Information about Vignette in Slovenia:

In year 2014 there is a change considering vignette prices for vans.  All informations below. Prices for cars hasn't changed.